Publicly available code for various projects I was a part of, or things I found interesting and wanted to implement myself. Recent implementations (2021 and beyond) are likely done in Jupyter notebooks.

Code for PhD projects

  1. Code for “Debiaser Beware: Pitfalls in Centering Regularized Transport Maps” (Pooladian, Cuturi, and Niles-Weed, ICML 2022) [Python]
  2. Code for “Entropic estimation of optimal transport maps” (Pooladian and Niles-Weed, 2021) is found by combining this repo and this repo

Code for random things I found interesting

  1. Implementation of 1-Nearest Neighbor estimator for optimal transport maps as seen in Plugin Estimation of Smooth Transport Maps (Manole et al., 2021) [Python]
  2. Implementation of (batchwise) projection onto total variation ball as seen in Total Variation Projection with First Order Schemes (Fadili and Peyré, IEEE TIP 2010) [PyTorch]

MSc projects (I’m no longer maintaining these)

  1. Code for “A principled approach for generating adversarial images under non-smooth dissimilarity metrics” (Pooladian et al., AISTATS 2020) [PyTorch]
  2. Code for “The LogBarrier Adversarial Attack: Making effective use of decision boundary information” (Finlay, Pooladian, and Oberman, ICCV 2019) [PyTorch]
  3. Code for “Farkas Layers: Don’t shift the data, fix the geometry” (Pooladian, Finlay, and Oberman, 2019) [PyTorch]